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PTSolns LoRa 915MHz SX1276 Long Range Transceiver Prototyping Module Kit

PTSolns LoRa 915MHz SX1276 Long Range Transceiver Prototyping Module Kit

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The PTSolns LoRa Key allows for quick and efficient prototyping. The Key is a breakout board and pitch adapter of the LoRa module. The unique key-shaped design frees up valuable breadboard space.


  • Complete long-range communication prototyping package.
  • Easily interface the common 915MHz LoRa with your project using the PTSolns LoRa Key.
  • All required hardware included to make two LoRa nodes (not including the microcontrollers). SOLDERING IS REQUIRED.
  • Package includes: 2 LoRa 915MHz SX1276 transceivers with antenna, 2 PTSolns LoRa Keys, 2 logic level shifters, 2 voltage regulators, 4 capacitors, all required header pins.
  • PTSolns Customer Support - Your satisfaction matters to us. Please contact us for troubleshooting help or any other concerns you may have.



This LoRa 915MHz SX1276 transceiver is a popular communication module used for long-range communication. Working with RF can be difficult, especially when first starting out in the field. The LoRa in particular can be cumbersome to get working. Hence we created this complete package to get users working/prototyping with the LoRa quickly and with ease. This package includes the hardware required to make two LoRa transceiver nodes. Note that microcontrollers are not included as the LoRa can be interfaced to work with a large range of microcontrollers.

This package includes the following highlights:


  • LoRa transceiver. In North America, the free band that hobbyists can use is in the 915MHz range. This LoRa package is intended for this use. Warning: Other LoRa distributors may sell a transceiver set to a frequency that is not allowed to be used in North America (such as the 169MHZ, 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz versions of the LoRa transceiver).
  • PTSolns LoRa Key. The LoRa has a pinout pitch of 2.0mm, which is not common and will not interface with a standard breadboard. The LoRa Key is a breakout board and adapter that lets the user interface the LoRa with a standard pitch of 2.54mm (0.1in) boards.
  • 8-Channel bi-directional logic level shifter (LLS). The LoRa works on 3.3V logic. If connecting the LoRa to a 5V microcontroller such as the Nano or Uno a LLS must be used to convert the 5V logic signals to 3.3V logic signals.
  • Voltage regulator and capacitor: The LoRa can be powered externally with the use of the LM1117 3.3V voltage regulator and the 10μF smoothing capacitors.


Please see our free tutorial available for download here.



A Complete Package!

This package includes all the hardware to make two LoRa nodes (not including the microcontrollers).

Hardware Setup Example Using 3.3V Microcontroller

Please see our free tutorial available here.

NOTE 1: If using a 5V microcontroller such as the Nano, Uno, etc. then the logic level shifter (included in this package) must be placed between the signals of the microcontroller and the LoRa transceiver.

NOTE 2: Breadboard, Dupont wires, and FTDI USB to TTL serial converter module not included. Shown here for demonstration purposes.

The example shows hardware setup using the common 3.3V Pro Mini microcontroller. This is the simplest possible setup in which the logic level shifter and external voltage regulators are not used.

Technical Capabilities of the PTSolns LoRa Key

 The PTSolns LoRa Key has the following unique technical capabilities:

  • Breakout LoRa pins and adapter 2.0mm pitch to the common 2.54mm/0.1in pitch.
  • External antenna can be solder directly onto the LoRa Key PCB, or the LoRa module itself.
  • Silkscreen printing on both sides of the PCB.
  • Long soldering pads and through-holes allow the LoRa modules to be soldered directly onto the PCB, or connected to the PCB via the included male and female 2.0mm headers (recommended).
  • Canadian designed!


Package Includes:

2 pcs PTSolns LoRa PCBs
2 pcs 915MHz SX1276 LoRa module with Antenna
4 pcs 1x8 Pin 2.0mm Female Header
1 pcs 1x40 Pin 2.0mm Male Header
2 pcs 1x40 Pin 2.54mm/0.1in Male Header
2 pcs 8-Channel Logic Level Shifter
2 pcs 3.3V Voltage Regular LM1117
4 pcs 10μF Capacitors

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Denis St-Cyr
Very satisfied

Was missing 2 parts when received, I contact the seller and he respond very quickly and send me 3 parts plus a gift. Product is fine and seller is there to help, I am very satisfied.

Amazon Customer
Great product and awesome support

Great product and awesome support