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Female Header 2.54mm/0.1in Pitch Single Row Straight

Female Header 2.54mm/0.1in Pitch Single Row Straight

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  • Single row, straight female header (X pins/row) 
  • Distance between pins: 2.54mm/0.1in (standard fit - breadboard, Arduino, etc)
  • Can be broken into smaller pin sections (see "How to break a female header" diagram
  • Various sizes/colours, see the options
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These female headers are exactly what one would expect. With this set, you'll have enough pins for all of your electronic projects! The rows can be broken into smaller sections with as many pins as one would like (see "How to break a female header" diagram). The spacing, or pitch, between the pins, is 2.54mm or 0.1inch. This is also commonly referred to as "100 thou". With this standard North American pitch, these female headers can be used in prototyping boards, Arduinos, breakout boards, and many other common DIY projects.


Product Contents Note

The 1x2 Pin to 1x40 Pin packages contain as many quantities as indicated of that particular header length.

The Assorted Set contains the following items:

- 10 pcs 1x40 Pin
- 10 pcs 1x20 Pin
- 10 pcs 1x16 Pin
- 10 pcs 1x12 Pin
- 20 pcs 1x10 Pin
- 20 pcs 1x8 Pin
- 20 pcs 1x6 Pin
- 20 pcs 1x4 Pin


The Rainbow Set contains the following items:

- 4 pcs 1x40 Pin Black
- 4 pcs 1x40 Pin Red
- 4 pcs 1x40 Pin Blue
- 4 pcs 1x40 Pin White
- 4 pcs 1x40 Pin Yellow
- 4 pcs 1x40 Pin Green


NOTE 1: Due to the nature of female headers, if breaking the row into smaller sections, one or more pins will be lost in the process. To ensure the cleanest break, pull out the pin with pliers, then use shears or a knife to cut along the newly created opening. You may use fine-grid sandpaper (120+) to smooth the broken edge.

NOTE 2: These headers, especially if broken into smaller pieces, could be a choking hazard for young children. Please exercise caution.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding in a previous post

The computer shifted your comment box right into view after a seller sold me an empty case. Unknowingly I poured out my wrought on you after you sold me a great product. Sorry. Your product was on time and they are exactly what were advertised and does exactly what they were advertised to do. Thanks.

Good value

They are well made and work great

Great socket!

Got nothing bad to say about it

Decent quality

Decent quality, as described

This was most useful for attaching Arduino Nanos to a circuit board

This was most useful for attaching Arduino Nanos to a circuit board to make pins more accessible and to make it possible to pull the Arduino Nano out and put it back at need.
With this kind of thing you can make the chips pluggable for a specific application and wiring...and yet reuse the chip in another prototype.