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LED Set SMD 0805 Assorted Colours 100pcs

LED Set SMD 0805 Assorted Colours 100pcs

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  • SMD LED Set 
  • Size: 0805 (see picture for schematic)
  • Colours: Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue (see picture for contents list)
  • Total 100 LEDs
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This LED set is exactly what it sounds like. This is an assorted set of surface mount (SMD) LEDs with size 0805. There are a total of 100 LEDs consisting of 5 values.

What is 0805?
The "08" refers to the long side, which is 0.08 inches long (or 2.0mm). The "05" refers to the short side, which is 0.05 inches long (or 1.25mm). See the schematic in the images as a reference.

Package contents

- 20 units: Red LEDs
- 20 units: Yellow LEDs
- 20 units: Green LEDs
- 20 units: White LEDs
- 20 units: Blue LEDs

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