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PTSolns Prototyping Solderable Breadboard PCB Kit (Proto-Full Basic)

PTSolns Prototyping Solderable Breadboard PCB Kit (Proto-Full Basic)

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The Proto-Full PCB is part of the Canadian designed PTSolns Proto-Series. The full board is a solderable breadboard / prototyping board with 930 tie-points. This board offers many features and improvements over the traditional prototyping board, making this the most advanced board on the market. This board was designed with the user in mind, giving the most flexibility and customizability to your project. Some of the key features include:


  • Silkscreen printing on both sides. Dashed white lines indicate electrical connection.
  • Separate ground and negative, which can be connected.
  • 2 power-in methods: A) screw terminal, B) female power jack (2.1mmX5.5mm).
  • 4 M3 mounting holes: A) able to be separately grounded, B) able to stack multiple Proto-Full/Proto-NRF boards.
  • 4 positive and 4 negative power rails, which can be connected in various configurations.
  • Centre rail, which can be connected to ground.


Technical Specifications

PCB width: 58.4mm, PCB length: 200.7mm, PCB thickness: 1.6mm
PCB surface finish: Lead free HASL-RoHS
Mounting hole diameter: 3.2mm (M3)
Electrical connection: See schematic


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the board not soldered and assembled?

A: This prototyping board has many possible configurations. For example, the power rails are disconnected by default, allowing the user to arrange them that best suits their projects. Using the 2-Pin jumper caps further allows to enable and disable particular sections of the board. For these reasons, the Proto boards are not assembled and all features are disabled by default.


Q: The footprint of the female power jack is strange...

A: Yes it is! The footprint for the female power jack is designed so that a user can solder the component on both sides of the board. This is why there are four solderable holes, and not just three.


Product Package

- 3 pcs PTSolns Proto-Full PCBs

- User guide

Other Resources

- Check our YouTube channel for videos that cover this topic.


NOTE 1: Some components could be a choking hazard for young children. Please exercise caution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly Patterson
Great prototyping board

i have purchased multiple now. They are great for small projects. amazing quality.

Jackson Gohn
Extremely high quality.

One nice touch is that all of the connections are sheathed within the plies of silicon. You don’t have to worry as much about accidentally bumping into the next row while you’re soldering. For what it is, it’s the highest quality I’ve seen.

jacques deschênes
très bonne qualité

Ces cartes de prototypages sont de très bonnes qualités. Les options pour brancher les bus d'alimentations sont intéressantes ainsi que l'emplacement pour installer un connecteur d'alimentation. Les trous de montages avec des rondelles conductrices qui peuvent-être reliées au négatif de l'alimentation sont aussi un plus.


I stopped writing reviews here but in this case, I'm making an exception.
When I first got the boards, I thought "Not one of those without connection traces" then I thought it might be a dual layer board with interconnects between the two boards and, after using the multimeter, my suspicions were correct. No more accidentally scraping off traces between connection points. There are jumper connections to interconnect various parts of the boards. Absolute quality. Now I might go for their half-boards for future projects.