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PTSolns Prototype PCB Microcontroller Shield for Arduino Uno (NRF-Shield Deluxe)

PTSolns Prototype PCB Microcontroller Shield for Arduino Uno (NRF-Shield Deluxe)

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The NRF-Shield is part of the Canadian designed Shield-Series. This shield allows the user to easily add RF communication to their project. This deluxe version includes many useful hardware (see description below)

This shield packs in many features that makes it a board like no other. These include:


  • Interface any of the common NRF24L01+ transceiver packages (Mini, Standard, +PA+LNA).
  • Power transceiver from microcontroller 3.3V pin, or from external supply.
  • Compatible with Arduino Uno R3, Mega, Leonardo, Due, and other similar microcontrollers.
  • Interface up to three separate I2C devices at 5V (3.3V if using the Due).
  • Hardware selection pins to allow for code flexibility.


Example Application

Arduino Mega with NRF24L01+ as sender node. Arduino Uno R3 with NRF24L01+PA+LNA, with LCD printing output as receiver node.


Technical Specifications

PCB width: 53.5m, PCB length: 56.2mm, PCB thickness: 1.6mm
PCB surface finish: Lead free HASL-RoHS
Mounting hole diameter: 3 of the 4 matching with Arduino footprint
RF transceiver footprint: NRF24L01+ (Mini, Standard, +PA+LNA)

Electrical connection: See schematic


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this shield stackable?

A: In short, yes it's possible. Would we recommend it, not really. The RF transceiver should be as unobstructed as possible. Therefore we recommend to place this NRF-Shield as the upper most PCB on the stack. This allows for the least interference with the transceiver. That being said, if your project design really demands it, you could stack this shield inside the a stack. With this arrangement we suggest the NRF24L01+ mini version is used so that the shield physically fits.


Q: What's going on with the unplated through-holes aligned with some of the header footprints?

A: These holes are optional to be used. Sometimes it is easier to solder a single long male header (non-stacking) than several smaller ones. These holes are added for convenience so that a pin can fit through it, but is eclectically not connected to anything.


Q: Are the transceivers included?

A: No. The shield is designed to accommodate any of the three common footprints of the NRF24L01+, whichever one you may already have.


Q: Are the shields assembled (soldered)?

A: No, to keep the costs down.


Product Package

- 2 pcs PTSolns NRF-Shield PCBs

- Deluxe package, see image for details
- User guide


Other Resources

  • Check our YouTube channel for videos that cover this topic.


NOTE 1: Some components could be a choking hazard for young children. Please exercise caution.

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