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PTSolns Raspberry Pi Pico Expansion Board (Pico Base)

PTSolns Raspberry Pi Pico Expansion Board (Pico Base)

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The PTSolns Pico-Series is a group of expander/adapter boards designed around the Raspberry Pi Pico product line. The Pico-Series adds various features to the RPi Pico boards that take your project to the next level. The Pico Base and Pico Base + Proto are the first two products in this Series.

NOTE: Please see the corresponding attached datasheets for full technical details.

NOTE: For tutorials and example sketches in Arduino IDE using the Pico Base, please see our custom Github repository. Visit the GitHub website and search for "PTSolns_PicoBase".

  • RPI Pico compatible expansion board. Part of the PTSolns Pico-Series.
  • External power input and management, QWIIC connector, two I2C busses at 3.3V and 5V simultaneously, and much more!
  • Please see attached datasheet for all details, free to download on this product page.
  • Package includes: 1x PTSolns Pico Base PCB, 2x 1x20Pin Female Header, 1x 1x40Pin Male Header (OR 2x 1x20Pin Male Header).
  • PTSolns Customer Support - Your satisfaction matters to us. Please contact us for troubleshooting help or any other concerns you may have.




The Pico Base is packed with features, all of them are explained in detail in the datasheet, which can be downloaded here.


Package Contents

The following are contained in the package:

  • 1x PTSolns Pico Base
  • 2x 1x20 Pin Female Header Pin
  • 1x 1x40 Pin Male Header Pin OR 2x 1x20 Pin Male Header Pin

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