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PTSolns Raspberry Pi Pico Expansion Board (Pico Base + Proto)

PTSolns Raspberry Pi Pico Expansion Board (Pico Base + Proto)

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The PTSolns Pico-Series are a group of expander/adapter boards designed around the Raspberry Pi Pico product line. The Pico-Series adds various features to the RPi Pico boards that take your project to the next level. The Pico Base and Pico Base + Proto are the first two products in this Series.

NOTE: Please see the corresponding attached datasheets for full technical details.

NOTE: For tutorials and example sketches in Arduino IDE using the Pico Base + Proto, please see our custom Github repository. Visit the GitHub website and search for "PTSolns_PicoBase".

  • RPI Pico compatible expansion board. Part of the PTSolns Pico-Series.
  • External power input and management, QWIIC connector, two I2C busses at 3.3V and 5V simultaneously, and much more!
  • Please see attached datasheet for all details, free to download on this product page.
  • Package includes: 1x PTSolns Pico Base + Proto PCB, 2x 1x20Pin Female Header, 1x 1x40Pin Male Header (OR 2x 1x20Pin Male Header).
  • PTSolns Customer Support - Your satisfaction matters to us. Please contact us for troubleshooting help or any other concerns you may have.




The Pico Base + Proto is packed with features, all of which are explained in detail in the datasheet.


Package Contents

The following are contained in the package:

  • 1x PTSolns Pico Base + Proto
  • 2x 1x20 Pin Female Header Pin
  • 1x 1x40 Pin Male Header Pin OR 2x 1x20 Pin Male Header Pin

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