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PTSolns Prototype PCB Microcontroller Shield for Arduino Uno (Proto-Shield Deluxe)

PTSolns Prototype PCB Microcontroller Shield for Arduino Uno (Proto-Shield Deluxe)

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The Proto-Shield is part of the Canadian designed Shield-Series. This shield allows the user to easily prototype their circuit, thereby making custom shields for their project.

This shield packs in many features that makes it a board like no other. These include:


  • Configurable power rails for more user design flexibility.
  • 4-row breakout with strategically placed perpendicular rows.
  • Can fit through-hole 2.54mm pitch IC socket of up to 2X14 Pins, both narrow and wide type.
  • Fully stackable and compatible with Arduino Uno R3, Mega, Leonardo, Due, and other similar microcontrollers.
  • SOIC 1.27mm pitch, 2X7-Pin footprint, with adjacent breakout pins.
  • 3-hole connected diamond tunnel to bring any signal to different parts of the board thereby reducing cross-board wiring.
  • Screw terminal output footprint for I2C device at 5V (3.3 if using Due).
  • Screw terminal output footprint for four general purpose signals, including power output pins.
  • Double-sided silkscreen printing.
  • Three mounting holes that match Arduino mounting holes.


Example Application

The Proto-Shield can be used to make endless types of custom shields. Only imagination is the limit. In this example application a custom sensor shield is made to collect data. In order to view the data a custom LCD shield is stacked on top.

Top Shield

This custom sensor shield includes two sensors: A) temperature/humidity sensor, and B) 3-axis accelerometer. Both of these sensors work on 3.3V logic. Therefore, a 5V-to-3.3V logic level shifter (LLS) is added in order to interface with the 5V I2C bus of the microcontroller. The shield is fully stackable and can be used within a larger project.

Bottom Shield

In order to view the data collected by the sensor shield a custom LCD shield is stacked on top. The first row of the display shows the temperature output, while the second row shows the x, y, z accelerometer reading.

Alternative Application

Instead of using the custom LCD shield, one can use the NRF-Shield to transmit the data to another microcontroller. This is useful in applications where the data collected is at a distance and needs to be transmitted to a central node.


This example application is for demonstration purposes. Components shown are not included (such as sensors, LLS, display, battery clip, etc).


Technical Specifications

PCB width: 53.5m, PCB length: 68.7mm, PCB thickness: 1.6mm
PCB surface finish: Lead free HASL-RoHS
Mounting hole diameter: 3 of the 4 matching with Arduino footprint
Electrical connection: See schematic


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this shield stackable?

A: Yes, the Proto-Shield is fully stackable.


Q: Are the shields assembled (soldered)?

A: No, this is a prototyping shield. The point is to make your own shield. Only the imagination is the limit.


Product Package

- 5 pcs PTSolns Proto-Shield PCBs

- Deluxe package, see image for details
- User guide


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NOTE 1: Some components could be a choking hazard for young children. Please exercise caution.

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