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BMP280 Pressure and Temperature Sensor (2 pack)

BMP280 Pressure and Temperature Sensor (2 pack)

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This product page is for the BMP280. For the BME280 please see this product page.



  • BMP280 module plus headers (soldering required)
  • Pressure range in kPa: 30kPa to 110kPa, with ±0.1kPa accuracy
  • Pressure range in meters: 9.0km to -0.5km relative to sea level, with ±1m accuracy 
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C, with ±1°C accuracy
  • 3.3V input voltage
  • I2C and SPI communication
  • 2-pack plus corresponding male headers
  • PTSolns Customer Support – Your satisfaction matters to us. Please contact us for troubleshooting help or any other concerns you may have.


For all the technical details of the BMP280 sensor itself (not the module as a whole), please see the original Bosch datasheet.


Get started quickly measuring pressure and temperature with the BMP280. This module supports both I2C and SPI communication to your microcontroller of choice. Make sure to supply 3.3V as an input voltage. Several tutorials and libraries are available online. Most Arduino libraries are compatible with each other as long as the BMP280 chip is on the module.


BMP280 vs. BME280

The BMP280 (this product page) measures temperature and pressure. The BME280 measures temperature, pressure, AND humidity. Some BMP280 modules are falsely advertised/sold as BME280 and the user should be cautious. The BMP280, though still useful, does not provide humidity measurements, and thus is a cheaper module. 

  BMP280 BME280
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Humidity No Yes


Package Contents

- 2pcs BMP280 modules
- 2pcs 1x6 Pin 2.54mm/0.1in Male Header (soldering required)

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