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NRF24L01+PA+LNA RF Transceiver (4 pieces)

NRF24L01+PA+LNA RF Transceiver (4 pieces)

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  • RF transceiver with up to ~1100m range (line of sight, ideal conditions).
  • Build-in 2.4GHz antenna. 125 communications channels.
  • SPI interface
  • 4-pack.
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What is different in this RF transceiver compared to this NRF24L01+ transceiver? They are basically the same! Same pinout, same chip, same code. The difference is range (and hence power). That's where the "PA" and "LNA" come in:

  • PA = Power amplifier. Boosts the power of the transmitted signal.
  • LNA = Low-noise amplifier. Amplify weak/uncertain signals coming in from the antenna.

Is the PA+LNA right for your project? Likely yes. The added range is nice. Even if your communication nodes are close by. The NRF24L01+ (without the PA+LNA) is good for experimentation/learning or if you need to communicate within short distances (say a remote-controlled car or similar close-range projects).


This RF transceiver is a well-known and popular wireless module. A large online community helps support countless tutorials and resources. We have several tutorials, many of which include the NRF24L01+PA+LNA. See for example our tutorial on getting started with the NRF24L01+ (COMING SOON).

The NRF24L01+PA+LNA is easy to use and integrates very well with many of the common microcontrollers, such as the Nano. An expected range is about 1100meters depending on the environmental conditions. A straight line-of-sight in ideal conditions is best. This module is easy to add to a breadboard or prototyping board to give your project wireless capabilities.

Note that this version of the NRF24L01 is physically longer and therefore has two grounded holes that each can hold a 1x1Pin. We encourage the user to make use of this so that the PCB is more secure. These two pins DO NOT come pre-soldered or included in the package. Please diagram below.



Technical Specifications

  • Frequency range: 2.4GHz + Selected Channel (0-124MHz)
  • Number of channels: 125
  • External antenna
  • Operating supply voltage: 1.9V - 3.6V
  • Logic voltage: 5V
  • Communication range: ~1100m (line of sight, ideal conditions)
  • PCB dimensions: 15.6mm x 40.7mm (not considering the antenna)
  • Weight: 11.3g
  • Pinout: See diagram below

NRF24L01+PA+NLA Pinout diagram

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