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Screw Terminal 3.5mm Pitch

Screw Terminal 3.5mm Pitch

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  • X pin
  • 3.5mm pitch
  • 300V, 16A
  • 20 pack
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This 20-pack of screw terminal block connector is exactly what one would expect. The spacing, or pitch, between the pins is 3.5mm.

Please note this is NOT a common pitch. See product schematic.


NOTE: These items are small and could be a choking hazard for young children. Please exercise caution.

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These are the…

These are the 3.5mm pitch Bourns connectors, the standard, good to almost 10 amps. Beware of 3.81mm look-alikes. These and the 5mm connectors are all I use 90% of the time on new circuit boards. Beware of the 1/10" (0.1in) tiny ones, they are not built well, require a tiny screw driver, and don't handle current well. IMHO - These are the most economical in all manners for screw connections.

Quality parts and fast shipping

Nice to find a retailer able to supply small quantities of small parts. Canadian too, eh?would buy again