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PTSolns Prototyping Solderable Breadboard PCB Kit (Proto-N2RF Basic)

PTSolns Prototyping Solderable Breadboard PCB Kit (Proto-N2RF Basic)

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The Proto-N2RF is part of the Proto-Series, which are variations of solderable breadboards each with unique features. The Proto-N2RF gets its name from the fact that it is designed around interfacing the popular Nano microcontroller, the well-known NRF24L01+ RF modules, and various I2C interfaces. Put it all together and you get N2RF!

In fact, this board expands on the previous Proto-Half. The user is encouraged to get familiar with all the features of the Proto-Half before moving on to the Proto-N2RF. However, the Proto-N2RF packs in many additional features that makes it a board like no other. These include:


  • Nano microcontroller interface and full breakout.
  • NRF24L01+ Mini, NRF24L01+ Standard, and NRF24L01+PA+LNA interfaces.
  • LCD mounting holes that allow the display to rigidly be attached to the PCB.
  • I2C interfaces, including 6 @ 5V and 5 @ 3.3V (via onboard logic level shifter), and respective pull-up resistors.
  • Interface for onboard voltage regulator (with capacitors) to power the NRF24L01+.


Technical Specifications

PCB width: 58.4mm, PCB length: 200.7mm (Proto-Full)/116.8mm (Proto-Half), PCB thickness: 1.6mm
PCB surface finish: Lead free HASL-RoHS
Mounting hole diameter: 3.2mm (M3)
Electrical connection: Power & Breakout sections similar to Proto-Full


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the board not soldered and assembled?

A: This prototyping board has many possible configurations. For example, the power rails are disconnected by default, allowing the user to arrange them that best suits their projects. Using the 2-Pin jumper caps further allows to enable and disable particular sections of the board. For these reasons, the Proto boards are not assembled and all features are disabled by default.


Q: The footprint of the female power jack is strange...

A: Yes it is! The footprint for the female power jack is designed so that a user can solder the component on both sides of the board. This is why there are four solderable holes, and not just three.


Product Package

- 2 pcs PTSolns Proto-N2RF PCBs
- User guide


Other Resources

  • Check our YouTube channel for videos that cover this topic.


NOTE 1: Some components could be a choking hazard for young children. Please exercise caution.

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I don't understand the less than 5 star reviews. This card is well made. It makes wiring the nano a breeze. I've soldered, unsoldered, and resoldered with no problems. The interconnections (specifically the + and - busses) take a few minutes to grasp, but their wiring logic is solid. It's a very well built board.