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PTSolns Prototype PCB Microcontroller Shield for Arduino Uno (Proto-Shield Basic)

PTSolns Prototype PCB Microcontroller Shield for Arduino Uno (Proto-Shield Basic)

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The Proto-Shield is part of the Canadian designed Shield-Series. This shield allows the user to easily prototype their circuit, thereby making custom shields for their project.

This shield packs in many features that makes it a board like no other. These include:


  • Configurable power rails for more user design flexibility.
  • 4-row breakout with strategically placed perpendicular rows.
  • Can fit through-hole 2.54mm pitch IC socket of up to 2X14 Pins, both narrow and wide type.
  • Fully stackable and compatible with Arduino Uno R3, Mega, Leonardo, Due, and other similar microcontrollers.
  • SOIC 1.27mm pitch, 2X7-Pin footprint, with adjacent breakout pins.
  • 3-hole connected diamond tunnel to bring any signal to different parts of the board thereby reducing cross-board wiring.
  • Screw terminal output footprint for I2C device at 5V (3.3 if using Due).
  • Screw terminal output footprint for four general purpose signals, including power output pins.
  • Double-sided silkscreen printing.
  • Three mounting holes that match Arduino mounting holes.


Example Application

The Proto-Shield can be used to make endless types of custom shields. Only imagination is the limit. In this example application a custom sensor shield is made to collect data. In order to view the data a custom LCD shield is stacked on top.

Top Shield

This custom sensor shield includes two sensors: A) temperature/humidity sensor, and B) 3-axis accelerometer. Both of these sensors work on 3.3V logic. Therefore, a 5V-to-3.3V logic level shifter (LLS) is added in order to interface with the 5V I2C bus of the microcontroller. The shield is fully stackable and can be used within a larger project.

Bottom Shield

In order to view the data collected by the sensor shield a custom LCD shield is stacked on top. The first row of the display shows the temperature output, while the second row shows the x, y, z accelerometer reading.

Alternative Application

Instead of using the custom LCD shield, one can use the NRF-Shield to transmit the data to another microcontroller. This is useful in applications where the data collected is at a distance and needs to be transmitted to a central node.


This example application is for demonstration purposes. Components shown are not included (such as sensors, LLS, display, battery clip, etc).


Technical Specifications

PCB width: 53.5m, PCB length: 68.7mm, PCB thickness: 1.6mm
PCB surface finish: Lead free HASL-RoHS
Mounting hole diameter: 3 of the 4 matching with Arduino footprint
Electrical connection: See schematic


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this shield stackable?

A: Yes, the Proto-Shield is fully stackable.


Q: Are the shields assembled (soldered)?

A: No, this is a prototyping shield. The point is to make your own shield. Only the imagination is the limit.


Product Package

- 5 pcs PTSolns Proto-Shield PCBs
- User guide


Other Resources


NOTE 1: Some components could be a choking hazard for young children. Please exercise caution.

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Fantastic Uno Shield for small projects

This board is really well designed, and well made. I’m so glad I found it! I was able to design my Arduino Uno project around this board, and it’s made assembly so much easier. The board layout is easy to understand, and flexible. I’ve assembled eight of my Arduino projects using this board so far, and they’re working great.