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Open Box Arduino

Open Box Arduino

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This product page is for OPEN BOX ARDUINOs. These are genuine Arduinos that were returned to us. All Arduinos returned to us can no longer be sold as NEW. In an effort to reduce waste and reuse functioning parts, we offer these open-box Ardunios as USED with a discount.


Every Arduino returned to us goes through the following quality procedure:

  • Inspect for physical damage (if there is damage, we dump the board)
  • Install a unique version of the Blink sketch (if it fails, we dump the board)
  • If the original manufacturer box is missing, we re-package using our own box.
  • Re-seal the package and put our green "QC PASS" sticker on it! 

Not all Arduinos are returned to us with all the parts. Sometimes the pamphlet insert, the sponge, or the plastic base are missing. Please be aware that these might be missing. Also note, that if there is an original manufacturer box, it will more than likely be roughed up.


Open Box Arduino
[Open Box Arduino with our green "QC PASS" sticker]


Why do we install a unique version of the Blink sketch?

Arduinos often have the regular Blink sketch pre-loaded by the manufacturer (Can be found under the Examples within the IDE software). In order to make sure our upload was successful we use a unique/modified Blink sketch.


These Arduinos are in perfect working order and are



We are so confident in the working order of these open-box Arduinos, that we allow all of them to be eligible for return (yes, a second return!). If by some chance you don't like your purchase, or we missed a defect, you can return them just like any of the manufacturer-sealed NEW Arduinos that we offer.

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